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EventsXD White Label Enterprise Event Apps

Do you need a dedicated event app to serve yours and only your event? When planning your next enterprise event or conference, you may need a dedicated enterprise app that preserves your company’s brand and adds more to your guest’s experience. EventsXD offers a white and private label service to create a dedicated event app for your specific organization and make your attendees feel more immersed in your event.

Limited Time Offer

We are kicking off 2017 with a special limited discount. Now you can order a private label event app at
50% off the original price. This offer won’t last long so be sure to inquire about it.
Here are some of the features.


Personalized Branding

With our white label solution, your brand gets the foremost credit and branding power. Instead of competing with hundreds of events, your event on EventsXD is tailored for your audience.


Event Content for your attendees only

With customizable apps, you are able to include only content, information, and features that are relevant for your event. Keep it free of clutter and relevant to increase engagement and prevent attendees from searching for competing events.


Full Featured

EventsXD suite of features offers powerful ways to interact with your audience from surveys to notifications. Your white label application receives our whole suite of premium features.

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*for the first event. $1000 per event after for a five year term.
Got a question? Send us an inquiry at info@eventsxd.com and we’ll get back to you right away.
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