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Selling tickets and managing your events has never been easier.

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A Little Bit About EventsXD

Join the Revolution

EventsXD® is leading the revolution to bring the event world into the 21st century. We believe that every one of the 1.8 million events around the world should have an app to help organize and engage their attendees. EventsXD® offers you a fully functional, multi-event app for FREE. As your needs evolve, you can opt to add premium features to take your event to the next level. There has never been a better time to give your attendees the experience they want, with the features you need. Join us.

Product Features

Description How Much

Event Tickets

Registering attendees and selling tickets is a feature that all organizers need for their events. Whether your event ticketing is free or a paid event, you can begin using our ticketing feature to register attendees. We offer a simple pricing model so event organizers can keep their focus on making the event great. Learn more about ticketing here.

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Event Website

Your public website showcases all the information about your event, plus adds a place where your attendees can build their personalized agenda. We also made it easy for you to customize by adding your own branding and custom pages.

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Event Tracks

Event Portal

Our easy to use portals enables you to create and manage your event in real-time.

Event Tracks

Event Tracks

Add a level of organization to your event by categorizing and color coding tracks to make it easier for your attendees to find the sessions they're looking for.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans & Maps

Your event location is pinned to get your attendees there. Once there, make sure your attendees never get lost with digital floor plans and venue layouts.

Multi-Event App


Connecting with your event attendees has never been easier. All of your event announcements and updates - all in one location!

Multi-Event App

Speaker Center

Give your speakers center stage with personalized bios, links and images.

agenda building

Agenda Building

You can easily create a default agenda that attendees can follow. Or, attendees can create their own personalized agendas.



Share interesting tidbits throughout the event or use it solely for the most important announcements.

event surveys

Event Survey

Get attendee feedback as it happens. Attendees can provide timely feedback on a session right there in the app.

event surveys

Session Filters

Use session types, tags, audiences, and level filters to help your attendees find the sessions that are right for them.

social integration

Social Integration

Social media integration is super easy - just link app profiles to Twitter and Facebook to publish updates from one central hub.

Digital Event Materials

Digital Event Materials

Say goodbye to outdated, printed event materials. Everything an attendee needs to know is right at their fingertips.

custom branding

Custom Branding

Create the event of your dreams with our Premium Custom Branding package to give you more choices for personalization. We understand there are many different types of events out there from tech events and charity events, to festivals, concerts, and weddings. So add your style and flavor, customize your background, your website and the entire look of your event to fit your needs. You can even rename and upload your very own icons to fit your type of event. We’re giving you the power to tailor our app however you want, whenever you want.

$49.99 USD
custom branding

EventsXD Starter Pack

Get Started Right. Purchase the starter pack to get Custom Branding and Freedom from Ads at a savings of $10.00 off. The perfect combo to get your event looking its best.

$89.99 USD
Push notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get key information to attendees, such as updates to the agenda or special announcements.

$149.99 USD
Private event

Private Event

Require attendees to join an event with a unique code.

Upgrading to this feature also removes ads from your event.

$199.99 USD
sponsor showcase

Sponsor Showcase

Give your sponsors an opportunity to shine and unlock new revenue streams at your event.

Upgrading to this feature also removes ads from your event.

$299.99 USD
Featured Event

Featured Event

If you would like to feature your event on the Featured tab as soon as the application is started on a device, purchase this premium feature and your app will show up on the featured list within 1 hour of purchase

$69.99 USD
Premium Support

Premium Support

Help with questions prior and during the event.
No help with data entry
Help replying to customers that need to reach the organizers
Help answer questions about the product that are missed by organizers from the documentation
Help fix errors caused by administrators that are possible to fix by our support team
This is a self-use product, if you need to discuss with support, this support premium feature is for you.

$250.00 USD
Data Import

Data Import

We will give you a spreadsheet to populate your schedule, sessions and speakers - then we will import it into your event.

$299.00 USD


EventsXD® User

"The support offered by EventsXD® is incredibly reliable, friendly and professional. Any request or problem is quickly rectified and implemented. I also enjoy giving EventsXD's information out when people inquire about using the app for their own reasons. They're great people to work with."

Katie Serignese - AnDevCon Event Coordinator
EventsXD® User

“Also of note was EventsXD, a mobile app for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 that made navigating TechEd (traditionally a nightmare task regardless of the location) a breeze. You could browse the sessions you wanted to attend, bookmark sessions, rate them afterward, and more. It included maps to help you get to your sessions as well, and frankly, it was better than the booklet issued to the audience. Obviously every event is different, so organizers have to contact to get the details. But I can see this as a must for any show.”
EventsXD® User

"EventsXD® was a huge success at Silicon Valley Code Camp. Over and over I kept hearing from our attendees how great it was to have event information available on their smart phones."

Peter Kellner - Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator


EventsXD is comprehensive event planning platform. You can create an event’s website, sell event tickets, manage your registration process and interact with your attendees through our event app. Event and conference planners can create a free account and start creating a free event. Your attendees can download our mobile app from the app store and find your event once you have published it. Watch our video to learn above to learn more.
You can host any kind of event on EventsXD. Whether it is a tech event, a meet-up, a food crawl, an art show, a music show or a festival; EventsXD has all the tools you need to create and run a successful event.
You can host as many events and conferences as you want! EventsXD® is a free Event as a Service platform that allows you to get up and running quickly.
Private events is a premium feature that can be purchased in the EventsXD® portal. After this feature is enabled, it will require attendees to join your event with a unique code.
You get every feature you need to host a successful event. If you need features like sponsors, private events, custom themes, etc. – you can purchase these for a nominal fee. You can find more information about all the features here
We do have a premium feature for custom branding that you can purchase in the EventsXD® Portal. After you purchase the feature you will receive all the information and image dimensions that you need to get setup.
Currently the EventsXD® app is available in English but we are working hard to bring more languages to our platform. If you would like to vote for a particular language, please send us a message here.
After you setup your event you can begin adding and modifying all the information about your event. You can also invite co-admins to your event if you want to share the responsibility. You can find more information about adding another admin here.
Getting started is easy. You just setup an account here and then you can get started editing your new event. You can find more information and tutorials located here.
Many of our new features will be in Preview before they are released for purchase. This preview period allows us to evaluate and monitor the performance of a feature before its launch and the feature will be free if activated during this preview period. If there are any limitations during the preview period, we will post the limitations in the admin portal. You may choose to activate and use a feature during preview or you are welcome to wait until a feature moves to full production and available for purchase.
EventsXD offers a free platform because we believe anyone should be given the power to create amazing and stress free events using today’s technology. We are and always will be a free platform.
However to offset our operation cost, we have in-app advertisements to help us generate revenue. We also offer additional premium features which event organizers can purchase to enhance their event or remove ads for their attendees. These low cost features bring even more possibilities to your event.
To see a list of our premium features, head to “Features” on your event dashboard or view our list above.
Ads are shown on the EventsXD mobile app after an attendee visits your event. Attendees can dismiss the ads. Ad removal can be purchased as an upgrade in the “features” panel on your event dashboard.
EventsXD® is a free Event as a Service platform that allows you to upgrade to premium features when they are needed per event. You can find more information about all the features here.
EventsXD® is a free product with over 10,000 events hosted worldwide. We provided all the information needed to self serve and use the Free apps. If you still prefer to talk to someone, you will need to purchase the Premium Support package available on the site under Premium Features.
EventsXD® has partnered with Stripe® to handle all financial transactions over the site. Upon purchasing any Premium Feature, you will receive and email detailing the the items in the purchase and the cost. You are free to print this as PDF and use it as invoice. EventsXD® does not provide any other kind of invoices or receipts.
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